Don’t kill your Conversion Rate! Find out how…

This is the ultimate nightmare for some marketers; you are doing well, have top placing on Google with a nice stream of web traffic, then… Wait? Why aren’t they buying products? traffic hits start disappearing, whilst you notice they click off in less than 2 seconds… This is called killing your conversion rate. Stop it!

It can happen to the best of us, especially if we do not have a clue on what’s going on. Bearing in mind, we have already checked:

  • Page load times.
  • SEO is fine and your websites got a top
  • There is interaction through social media.

However, your traffic is being very stubborn and won’t go through your sales funnel, so this handy guide will take a look at some secret top tips on turning things around for you. It may be so simple; you may smack yourself in the face.

Ok, here we go…

Troubleshooting the problem

No… I don’t mean clicking the question mark and loading up those hopeless instructions – I mean analyzing your blog and getting to the bottom of the problem.

As your traffic are clicking on, but not engaging with your sales funnel, then the first place to start analyzing is your home page.

9 times out of 10 the source of the problem will be your home page.

Common mistakes found with home pages:

These are especially critical if you are selling products or running an E-commerce store:

  • Putting a blog feed – this is a big no! Yes, provide one so loyal customers can follow you, but if you’re a newbie coming through to your home page, then chances are it won’t catch interest or entice them further into your services or products.
  • Random pictures, content or other clutter (A picture of your nan and her cat Mittens may look cute, but if it’s not related to your products, then it’s got to go…)
  • Long text or links.

After doing some online research and taking note of what the most successful marketers are saying; your home page should be visually pleasing, displays good quality stock photos, good sized font and a small sales pitch – your home page should be treated as a billboard advertisement.

Top Tip:

Make note of your own web browsing habits – what makes you engage further with a blog? Did they use pictures? Did a headline grab your attention?

Getting into the habit of this will definitely inspire your own homepage ideas.

Display a professional human photo:

This can be you, a colleague or anyone photogenic – make sure it’s professional, and the person having direct eye contact with a smile; this will show a sense of trust and that your company isn’t just a computer.

Display the picture on the sidebar menu, enlarged next to the home page sales pitch or on the ‘About us’ page.

Even in this day and age – the phrase ‘people sell people’ still rings very true, even online; think of it as like having a greeter in the front of a shop, however, a photo is free and takes seconds to put up.

Have a simple navigation menu:

Providing a navigation menu will not only help customers find their way around the site, but it also gives the impression you are not just forcing them through the sales funnel to grab their money – this will create a sense of trust between the browser and your website.

If you have a special offer, then highlight this on your homepage

Don’t shy away from any special deals you got, put them at the center of attention – with a good co-ordination of colors e.g. red with white font indicates that you’re promoting a sale; just visually the browser will instantly know you are selling discounted goods, so out of curiosity they will look through your online catalogue.

Your home page should offer a good value proposition:

Good value proposition means: what makes you stand out from your competitors, in which way is your online business unique and how can it help the customers better?

If you don’t know this yet, then you may need to go back a few steps and have a think; it may seem hard, but think of the colors you are using, the products you got and how they help customers.

To help for good value propositions you can:

  • Think about the colors your business uses.
  • Do you have further knowledge on using the products?
  • Are you the best value from your competitors? In which way? (good value is frequently common and may need a different angle or extra creativity)

Once you have an idea of your message, then you need to simplify it down to once sentence or a brief set of words.

For example:

A travel agent selling packaged holidays and tours; they sell cheap holidays to the Caribbean, and their local tour operators provide niche locations like isolated beaches, places of beauty and other unique points to visit.

To get this into one sentence I would need to state the holiday is cheap and it features very exotic locations (that competitors may not know about).

“Go with us for less… And we can show you the hidden beauty”

Ok… That may be a bit wordy, but you get my point, yeah?

Last final few words…

After reading this, you should have a good idea on improving the conversion rates between your sales funnel and home page.

One more idea…

Don’t be afraid of using multiple ideas; some marketers will place up two or three home pages at a time for the same product, and through analysis they see which one provides the best conversion rate – once you get the results, you can then choose the one that’s providing you with the most effective results.

Never be afraid to experiment, as you may just learn something vital (mistakes are initially annoying, but if you look at them, you may just learn something in order to progress for better).

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