Top 10 Ways to Market Your Blog

To successfully market your blog online, you should always double check for any errors (especially content) before publishing. This will avoid any glitches or downgrade to your site’s SEO and quality.

If it’s filled with content, permalinks, and avenues for making a profit; then it’s time to proceed with marketing.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 ways of marketing your blog online – the most popular methods to date.

How to make your blog profitable (link coming soon)

The benefits of building a blog:

  • It doesn’t matter if you are a sole blogger or a small business looking to expand online, the financial rewards are limitless.
  • Your business and products will reach readers from all corners of the globe.
  • Through tools like social media, you can keep readers engaged with your business and encourage repeat sales over the long term.
  • Once you’ve gained recognition, increasing your site visitors will get easier, especially when viral content gets shared repeatedly.


Once you score high traffic numbers, your work isn’t done, as you’ll need to maintain and update your blog consistently; which includes keeping all your social media pages active, whilst performing SEO and CRO steps. Doing so will maximize your best performance in sales and ad revenue.

Doing so will maximize your best performance in sales and ad revenue.

Frequent Questions

What is CRO?

Where to start with Blogging?

1# Produce High-Quality Content 

High quality means to Google specification; where blog posts are not duplicated, is unique, rich in keywords and is over 1000+ words (Some say that over 3000 can be effective).

Important Note:

The rules for appearing high in Google’s search rank tends to change from time to time. This is so search listings can show fresh new content regularly.

Always keep up to date with algorithm updates, by following the right informative blogs and sources.

Top blogs for Google Panda:

Google Blog

The Current Panda list

As well as following Google rules, the writer must create informative and engaging content for readers too – this is a must for any blog set-up!

If you are not a good writer, then there are still options for hiring one through Upwork or Fiverr (prices are competitive, and will vary depending on the writer).

However, if you aspire to create your own content, then blogging is a way forward for starting your own business in writing.

It takes a lot of patience, requires open-mindedness and the willingness to take risks.

Tips on writing high-quality articles:

  • Always provide sources when stating facts (so the reader knows where you’re getting information from) – this will provide a trust with your audience to engage followers and encourage sales/customer loyalty.
  • Always write down ideas for new content, to keep the creative flow going (carry around a notebook and a pen at all times, you just never know when an idea may strike).
  • Ensure you use an original voice, and not duplicating any existing published material online.
  • Encourage high back-links, by providing related external URL links.


For a free plagiarism checker, use Small SEO Tools.


This is the hardest step, especially when you get started with writing a blog. If you can repeatedly write new content on a consistent basis, then you will conquer your biggest challenge in this project!

2# Use Social Media for Promotions

The ultimate free tool for online marketing. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have millions of users already signed up, who engage with the medium on a daily basis.

Even creating something simple like a viral, can spread to thousands of shares in minutes – effectively making your business brand visible to all parties involved, through the newsfeed.

The benefits of using Social Media:

  • It’s free! You only need to setup an account.
  • If you connect with the right followers, then you can benefit from content sharing and likes (as mentioned above).
  • The potential to create a viral.

Key Rule:

Don’t use social media as an advertising platform, allow the audience to be drawn to you – focus more on content quality rather than advertising yourself on Twitter posting links (which can be a big swamp for all sorts of ads anyway, and users tend to ignore it).

Readers will naturally share stuff that resonates with them (and will switch off instantly to any forced links back to your blog).


A good social media ad should show an emotion for the audience to relate, which will naturally encourage them to share your message. E.g. The most popular being humor, a passionate cause, or invoking a way of thought.

All your social media pages should have the following:

  • Your business brand image.
  • Professional conduct; messages should be for business only! (Best to keep your private profile separate…)
  • A link to your blog page.
  • Sharing and like buttons available everywhere (especially for posts and content).

3# Guest Posting 

Seek out popular like-minded blogs and offer a pre-written article – ensure it fits in with their niche topic, is engaging and has a different take on the subject to create interest value.

The benefit:

With blogging, this is a win-win strategy for gaining recognition, as both parties will benefit from better search rankings.

Always check a sites disclaimer; the most popular of blogs can be known to charge for publishing your content (however, there is value to paying sometimes, as higher volumes of traffic will mean higher sales and profit!)

In Summary

Guest Posting is the simplest fast-track method for bringing in new readers.

4# Use SEO Plugins for Word Press 

It’s easy to install and follow – this will ensure that all SEO technicalities are accurate and in line for search engine friendliness e.g meta descriptions and titles etc.

The best Plugins for Word Press SEO:

Google Keyword Planner

Google, the king of search engines, should be treated as a top priority for when it comes to getting your blog found! Seeing as most internet consumers use google to navigate their way around the internet, having your site Google friendly is paramount for even a slight chance of success.

Word Press users can take advantage of the free tools, which can help with visibility for Google’s web crawlers.

Broken Link Checker

Your blog will eventually fill up with lots of content, and it will get more difficult to keep on top of your links (which will increase when you add more content) – so download this plugin to stay alerted for broken URLs and pictures.

Not only does broken links annoy users, Google will also penalize and drop you in the search ranks too.

Word Press SEO by Yoast

The most popular plugin to help to adhere strict SEO guidelines, this program will help with the following:

  • Add an SEO title, meta keywords and description to every post and web page.
  • It gives you access to open graph meta data and sitemaps.
  • You can ping search engines when your blog is updated.

For more plugin recommendations, see here

Final word on SEO…

SEO can be a huge task, but it is very important to get this right! If you are still unsure on the process, then you should do some further reading…

See the Business Archive post on SEO vs CRO – What’s the right choice?

External Links:

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – Wikipedia

5# Permalinks

Permalinks are the name for all URL pages and posts.

It is essential to include your specific keywords and SEO, with a well-organized structure, for when labeling page directories.

For a further in-depth guide to setting up SEO permalinks, check out this guide here.


How to Set up your Permalinks

WP for Beginners: What is an SEO URL friendly structure in Word Press

6# E-mail Marketing 

Not only the oldest method for internet marketing but also still the most effective!

WP Beginner says that email marketing still outperforms social media, for when it comes to reaching out to your customers.

Another benefit of using Word Press is all the available plugins, designed to do all the hard work for you.

Recommended Word Press Plugins for Email Marketing:

Sumo Me Plugin

This plugin offers the following benefits:

  • It’s free!
  • Offers the right tools to build web traffic, which can then lead to sales conversions.
  • Easy to follow, no knowledge of code required.

General feedback seems to favor this plugin, from both bloggers and small businesses alike.

Mail Chimp

It’s definitely the most popular plugin, which offers a free plan (with upgrade options once you reach over 2000 subscribers).

Users have rated this service on ease of use, the resources you get for learning email marketing, plus tools for analytical tracking.

Source for further info

In Summary…

There’s a selection of plugins available to download, so it’s worth putting in the time to read further about what would be right for you.


Download 2 or 3 free tools, and see which works best for you – always check the reviews beforehand.

7# Never give up!

It can be confusing when first setting up a blog, especially when it feels like you are writing for yourself with no audience… However, you should write the content first, to increase your site ranking, and just trust readership will increase as you keep publishing more content.

So, you will need a lot of self-belief to start with, so you can stay motivated to keep going!

Top tips for the easiest blogging journey:

  1. Firstly, do lots of deep research; your general topic, competitive products already available on the market, and potential blogs to network with etc.
  2. With your research notes, write a business plan. (See here for my Business Plan Article)
  3. Write out your business goals and targets – ensure that they don’t start off unrealistic, and your first initial goals are easily obtainable; this way your confidence will grow as you hit each success milestone.
  4. Draw up your timetable for a typical week, and allocate sessions to work on your blog only!


You may even need to adjust sleep patterns, or give up some leisure time – but don’t do this to the extreme! Your mind and body will still need to relax and have time away from your business.


  • To have 3 articles written within a week.
  • To have ten subscribers in a fortnight.
  • To sell 10 products in 3 weeks.

8# Be involved with other blogs 

This doesn’t mean spamming the comments section, or making blatant attempts to get people onto your home page – instead join in discussions and contribute meaningful advice and information.

If people love what you’re saying or you help them with problems, then they’ll be naturally inclined to follow you!

9# Allow other bloggers to Guest Post

They say karma will give what you put out, so be generous and allow other like-minded bloggers to post on your blog. Allowing them to have the limelight will do more good than harm, especially where generosity is concerned!

The benefits:

  • Having other writers contributing content will broaden information for consumers.
  • It’s just extra content you didn’t spend time on, to enhance your SEO ranking.
  • The writer will share their own post, which effectively gets your website name out there!


Don’t try charging for guest posts, especially at the beginning! Your work should be focused on building a reputation, whilst getting bloggers and visitors engaged!

10# Offer freebies to encourage post shares 

You have probably seen on your Facebook wall, ‘share to win a free holiday or for $10,000’.

These examples may be farfetched for your situation now, but it also works on a smaller scale too -maybe they could win a free e-book? Or product?

People are a lot more respondent if there’s something in it for them in the first place.


This article has only scratched the surface, on what you can do to market your blog online. Depending on what area you want to focus on, like social media or guest posting, there are so many angles you can take to be different – never hold back on your creativity!

For stimulating higher social media shares; bloggers, websites, and even charities are always coming up with new innovative ways to get their message out there. E.g. The ice bucket challenge became a viral hit overnight, mainly down to everyone wanting participation because it was a laugh!

Top emotions to invoke new consumers:

  • Humor
  • A feel-good message
  • Self-improvement



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